Welcome to the Next World.
We're an emerging worker cooperative of design practitioners, strategists, educators, and facilitators working with people and teams to advance decision making, with a focus on shifting power, transforming systems, and building community. 
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What we do
Design, build, and iterate to disrupt.

In our vision, the next world is led by organizations and individuals who have made anti-racism, anti-oppression, and equity work a healing part of their sustainable practice and strategy, increasing the organization's longevity and wellness, as well as that of its individual members.

We currently offer branches of services: facilitation and direct support.


Our facilitation approach is grounded in the reality that no individual is able to separate their embodied self from the work that they do. Our facilitation supports individual and group development, identity formation and strategic alignment. We use a mix of mindfulness, yoga philosophy and asana, human centered design thinking, equity design and design justice, and process improvement in our practice.

Direct Support

Once strategies are aligned, decisions can be made that sometimes require direct supports. Our consultation and support services include user/customer/market research, experience and service design, program evaluation, project management, leadership development and organizational learning.
Our people

Meet the team.

Tiger Rahman
Tiger Rahman, M.Ed., (he/they) is an organizational behavior and improvement enthusiast passionate about leveraging data, facilitation, and collective experience.
Domain areas: organizational behavior, continuous improvement, process improvement, yoga asana instruction, permaculture, farming, systems thinking, metaphysics, democracy at work
Erika Harano
Erika Harano (she/they) is a queer, mixed race design facilitator and movement artist who is committed to co-creating a more just, interconnected, and inclusive world.
Domain areas: humxn centered design, equity design, anti-racist design facilitation, experience design, design research and strategy, design education,dance performance and choreography, zinemaking, farming

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